Boxcon 2010 tickets now on sale. and the World Beatbox Association present

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Boxcon 2010 - USA

6th International Human Beatbox Convention
Littlefield, New York City, USA
31 July - 1 Aug, 2010

Breaking news

We are very pleased to announce Rahzel and Jean Grae have joined the line-up of special guests at this year's Boxcon!

Rahzel shall be sitting on the discussion panel, and sharing in the judging duties at the US Champs grand final.

For the first time since 2004, we're bringing Boxcon state-side. Having been in London for the last 5 years, we're heading west to give the North American scene a much needed weekend event. All of which will surround the Grand Final of the 2010 American Beatbox Championships.

This year's event is being split into 3 parts. Tickets are available for each part separately, or as a weekend pass (18+ only).

We have some huge names joining us this year for a special Q+A Panel discussion. Jarobi White (A Tribe Called Quest), Swiss Chris (John Legend's Music Director), Kenny Muhammad and more will be joined by Toni Blackman for a discussion on being a pro in the music industry. More info here.

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